23plusone Seasonal School

23plusone Seasonal School

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How to build meaningful relationships, culture, and strategy with 23plusone

If you want to learn how to unleash attractive meaning that touches people’s hearts and minds and create appealing concepts others want to be a part of… This Seasonal School is then made for you, your team, company or brand.

Immerse yourself in the world of positive transformation with 23plusone. This emotive universal language can help you find collective meaning, create appealing concepts and inspire people to take action.

During the Seasonal School, you will: 

… discover the science behind the 23plusone method
… learn about attractive dynamics and tensions
… learn proofed methods for transforming to a happy culture
… be working on the emotional profile of a project of your choosing
… learn from other professionals
… have fun with awesome people!

Want to join us in Amsterdam? Check the available dates. 
€ 246 ex VAT, including a set of 23plusone cards, drinks and finger food.