Advanced Class - Workshop Emotive Branding

Advanced Class - Workshop Emotive Branding

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Be the changemaker that helps people, teams, brands and companies flourish

As a Licensed Friend, you use 23plusone as a force for good. You are one of the changemakers the world needs, creating human connections and positive cultures that make a person, team or company flourish.

23plusone is an addition to your toolkit. Creating success for your clients or colleagues means being a more successful professional yourself.

What we’ll be doing?

+ Freshening up your knowledge and answering all of your questions regarding 23plusone

+ Working on a client case within a team to apply what you have learned

+ Celebrating that you’ve completed your training and are ready to become a 23plusone practitioner!

After Advanced Class you will be able to

+ identify the emotive core of an organization or a team through qualitative and quantitative research

+ create a narrative that touches people in the full spectrum of their emotive drives, steering decision making and behaviour.

+ engage employees and stakeholders

Full-day immersion 

€ 369,-

including a healthy lunch, drinks, finger foods
and your own 23plusone card set