23plusone skills&drills | How to facilitate a co-creative session

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Take your facilitation skills to the next level and co-create results that have impact

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10-17 in person

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What is it about?
Everyone who wants to lead an individual or a team to learn or create something - anything - needs facilitation skills. There are several facilitation styles which can be applied, depending on the desired outcome of the session, the dynamics between people, and the personal style of the facilitator. This expert training contains basic knowledge, insights and practical exercises to get to know these styles, as well as tips, tricks and tools on how to bring your facilitation skills to the next level.

Why is it important?   
Learning sessions, coaching sessions, brainstorm sessions and creative sessions (to name a few) can all be very, or not so effective. In the worst case, there’s a lot of discussions and people leave the room without getting a step closer to their goal. In a better case, people understand what is expected of them, but they don’t feel the inner drive to act. In the best case, however, people feel energized and driven to work on the ambitions they’ve set. This training is relevant for you, as you get more effective in achieving your goals within and beyond the session. It is important to the world because the world needs people who take action and walk the talk.

What will we be doing?  


  • Training goals
  • Learning objectives
  • Getting to know each other
  • Program

Block 1

  • Facilitation objectives
  • Facilitation styles
  • Session preparations
  • General facilitation skills
  • Conversations with 23plusone
  • Co-creating a Trinity with 23plusone

Block 2

  • Exercises
  • Feedback

Block 3

  • Facilitation techniques
  • Energizers
  • Closing of the training session

Meet your chefs

Kim Cramer & Alexander Koene

Kim is founder and co-owner of BR-ND People and inventor of 23plusone. She has extensive experience as a facilitator in different settings, such as teaching, open conversation, co-creation, and team building. She’s been guiding people for more than 15 years to discover insights, brand stories, culture principles, talents, and happy habits. Kim has a scientific background at the University of Amsterdam where she received her PhD in brand management.

Alexander is a creative optimist who strives for progress. He takes things apart and then puts them back together, but better. After an international career in the food, beverages and tobacco industry, he started his own business in 2000 and has now helped more than a hundred organizations with their brands, innovation and cultural development. He started BR-ND People together with Kim and developed 23plusone based on scientific research.

Skills you gain

  • How to lead a person or a group of people towards a certain goal
  • How to keep the energy balanced
  • How to actively engage people and keep them in the right mood and mindset
  • How to recognize and steer constructive behaviour as well as resistance
  • How to use facilitation methods, tools and tricks
  • How to prepare and after-care